Essay On Visiting Your Hometown

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I remember the time when I was scared to the death for the first time in my life, it was during the winter vacations of my school after the 1st semester exams of 3rd grade that our family decided on the fact of visiting our native place Dehradun in Uttrakhand. The place was quite the ideal place for someone like me who loves a lackadaisical and a mellow life as whenever I visit the place the weather is quite revitalizing, the air is quite fresh and cool which makes the place as heaven when compared to the life experienced in the city. The best thing about visiting your hometown is that I get a chance to meet my siblings and being the only son can be quite boring if you have no one around but, in my hometown, it was time for reunion and loss of boredom.…show more content…
During that night we had a lot of free time with us so Shubham suggested that we go and venture the oldest graveyard present in the village as it was a graveyard with the oldest ghost stories and rumours surrounding it from the time even when my father was a child and trust me there were freaky stories such as a spirts harbouring the place and ghosts coming out of their graves scaring me and the sisters the most. Well god knows how we snuck out of the house by climbing over the walls and even though I wanted to opt out of this I was literally abducted by the brothers for this expedition because they were scared that I would tell the parents sitting downstairs in the living room. Even though the sisters were scared they tagged along just so that if I start crying because of fear they will escort me

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