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Executive Summary In this essay, we will discuss about how the visitor management has changed at the cultural heritage site. There will be the definition of visitor management and the definition of the cultural heritage. Visitor management is the process of recording and control the visitor to a certain places. Cultural heritage is the record of evaluation of people lifestyles. Due to the lack of understanding of a places, commercialization, exhausted of natural resources, littering, child labour and others, what will happened to the cultural heritage?
According to Khalid A, the definition of visitor management is the process of registering and handling visitors to a particular place. The visitor is a person that who visited a site and the person not a contractor or permanent resident or an employee of the particular site. Visitor management situated at an important situation in protecting the ecological sustainability of protected areas, providing funding and business opportunities, and enabling visitors to obtain worthwhile experiences from their visit. But visitor management also can changed a cultural heritage site by visiting there, if the visitor management did not manage the visitor of the cultural heritage site properly.

Refer to cultural in development,
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The tourists who visit India is looking forward adventure; sun and sea; the wildlife parks; and also the natural heritage of the country. The serious changes in the patterns of wildlife breeding, feeding, migration and the shirking of the wildlife animals is the result of the development of tourism industry. Such as hotels, camping area, highways and roads. This followed by the exhausted of the natural resources and created pollution around the area of develop and the rubbish will be disposal into the rivers, sea and forests. (Shobita Punja,
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