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The visual arts are the art forms or creations that we see. This category usually includes things like paintings, drawings, photography, architecture, sculpture, crafts, film and printmaking. “Visual Arts” is a modern term for a broad category of art which includes many artistic disciplines such as performing arts, fine arts, decorative arts, contemporary arts and also included within are the applied arts such as fashion design, interior design, industrial design and graphic design.
Drawing involves creating an image using a variety of tools such as graphite pencils, pen and ink, inked brushes, etc. And techniques such as line drawing and blending, etc. An artists who excels in this field is referred to as draftsman. Going back to Paleolithic
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Bhimbetka petroglyphs, the oldest recorded prehistoric art discovered during the 1990’s was found in a quartzite rock shelter known as Auditorium cave at Bhimbetka in central India dating at least 290 000 BCE. This primitive rock art was followed by simple figurines and Blombos cave stone engravings. The greatest art of prehistory is the cave painting at Chauvet, Lascaux and Altamira. Mesolithic artworks (c. 10000-4000 BCE) includes the bushman rock painting. It also features a more 3-D art including free standing sculptures and statues. Examples of Mesolithic portable art includes anthropomorphic figurines, bracelets, decorative drawings as well as ancient pottery. The greatest works of Mesolithic art is the sculpture from Romania "Thinker from Cernavoda". During the Neolithic era (c.4000-2000 BCE) there was a growth in crafts like Pottery and weaving which originated in Mesolithic times. Most arts remained focused on ornamentation and decoration such as calligraphy, which is a chineses art that first appears during this period. The late form of Neolithic art was architecture however the major medium form of Neolithic art was ceramic
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