Essay On Visual Balance

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7-1: How does balance impact visual weight? Balance refers to the even distribution of weight in a composition. In artwork that is a sculpture and architecture, the actual weight is material in pounds or kg. In visual weight, the apparent “heaviness” or “lightness” of the shapes and forms arranged in the composition. The visual balance in composition by three ways—symmetrical balance, asymmetrical balance or radial balance. The first type of balance is symmetry; there are several symmetrical balances as well. Absolute symmetry, which is each side of the shape or forms are exactly the same and nothing is different. Bilateral symmetry is where there are minor discrepancies between one sides to the other, but overall effects is still one of symmetry. An example is Taj Mahal, Agra, India, Mughal period in which the building symmetrical even down to the surrounding gardens and reflecting pools. An artwork with absolute symmetry is the crucifix in the painting “Enguerrand Quarton, Cornation of the Virgin”. Another type of balance is asymmetrical balance. Balance can be achieved even when both sides of the composition lack symmetry but they appear to have the same visual weight. So Asymmetrical means neither side reflects or mirrors the other. An example is of Johannes Vermeer’s “Woman Holding a balance”; the subject is the balance between material and spiritual worlds. In this painting light and…show more content…
Radial balance is everything that radiates outward from a central point. An excellent example of this is Rose window, south transept, Chartres Cathedral. Because of the dominant color and its flowerlike structure it reprents the Last Judgement. At the center is Jesus, which everything else surrounds it (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, gospels and angles. Another example is Andrea Palladio, Villa La Rotunda and plan of main floor. The main floor with its central, domed rotunda surrounded by reception rooms in perfectly
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