Essay On Visual Impairment

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ICT based learning tools and its impact on students with visual Impairment
In today’s world Information and Communication Technology is playing a vital role in the development of educational curriculum and also in teaching learning process. It supports the students to improve their knowledge and learning skills. It also finds its impact on special needs education. ICT based Assistive tools are widely used to support inclusive learning. In particular students with visual impairment can be benefited by various tools. In this paper we discuss various visual impairment supportive tools and its usability in the current scenario.
Keywords : ICT, Assistive Technology, e-learning
1. Introduction
World Health Organization (WHO) states that
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In recent years, technology plays a crucial role in the development of teaching learning process. This is due to ease in usage of computers and its supporting accessories; researchers are being motivated towards developing tools for automation of a existing classical system.
Individual person’s ability should be identified before recommending an assistive technology. Measurements like target size, visual range, visual tracking and visual scanning are used to assess the visual capability of a person [3].
1.4 visual impairment and learning difficulties
Most of the people with partial or low vision impairment need support for reading, writing and decoding of visual information. Though braille is a good alternative less than 10% of the people learn in braille. Inspite of learning braille very few learning resources are available in braille and conversion takes time. An assistive tool like magnifier, closed circuit television (CCTV) or adjustment of screen contract, speech or voice recognition can be used to overcome the above
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