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Coming from a family with divorced parents, I was able to witness how each of my parents worked to make a living for themselves as well as for me. Over time, I became extremely grateful to my parents as they created a supportive environment for me as they always encouraged me to perform my best, whether it would be in academics, piano, or even volunteer work. My dad did not live as comfortable as a life I did with my mom as he struggled with low paying jobs, and I hated to see him give his hard earned money to my mom for child support, as well as give me expensive gifts for my birthday or Christmas. Seeing how my dad worked so hard to create a living for himself, as well as how my mom spent her own time and money for my learning experiences…show more content…
Whether it be giving back to my family, my friends, or my community, I wanted to give something back in return for the great experiences I had. After my volunteer experience as a Key Clubber, I was able to witness how my time and work impacted my community, both directly and indirectly. My two most memorable experiences include volunteering experience that was definitely the most memorable to my muscles and body. A somewhat infamous Key Club service is Rose Float decorating, where Key Clubbers help prepare for the floats during the Rose Float Parade in Pasadena on during New Years. The spectacular and animated floats people gather to view during the New Year is decorated by none other than Key Clubbers, who put their utmost energy and time into cutting flowers, sorting materials, and gluing flour onto floats for eight whole hours. I remember sitting on the floor of the Rose Float warehouse rubbing parchment on the floor to thin it out for about three hours straight. I had many questions in my mind about my presence at that place at that moment, but I realized what my work had gone into once I viewed the finalized floats on TV during New Years. When I saw the parts of the Trader Joe 's float where I glued ground coffee to the walls of, I felt a sense of pride and understanding as I knew what I put my time and effort into. Although I was dreading the labor I experienced in the Rose Float

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