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The Awareness to Vote and The Convenience of Election System Raise the Voter Turnout Rate
In the 1800s, the issue of voting rights in the United States refers to the disenfranchisement of different groups which contested throughout United States history. The voting rights were limited in accordance to the race, gender, language, and social status of a person. Minor groups were the main subjects to the issue, such as; African Americans, Latino, and women. Since the late 1900s, people have started to do a reformation in civil rights through protests and diplomatic actions in order to be able to deserve their rights to vote regardless their races, gender, and social status. The reconstruction of civil rights movement in acquiring the voting
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The holding election system is the key success to conduct an election which binds people directly during the process of election since the first beginning of registration. To confirm, it determines whether voters are willing to participate politically or apathetic in the election. In accordance to the election system, Belton (2014) found that there are several barriers to voting, including; long line waits, strict ID laws, fewer polling places and the potential for increased use of provisional ballots. Precisely, the United States is one of the nations which hold the elections on weekdays. Meanwhile, technically, most voters are categorized into the productive phase. Weekdays seem to be inappropriate and tend to result on schedule conflicts because most people go to work on weekdays. Even though, every job is supposed to allow workers to support the national’s interest by giving their workers time to go vote. However, allocating time is equal to reduce their income since most of them earn minimum wage at retail-chain or restaurant where people are paid on hour-basis. The longer time they spend for working, the higher they will be paid. Furthermore, voter ID was a popular suppressive measure to push after the significant declines in the 2008 election. Voter ID requires the voters to pay for about $25 or even more to access their documentation and then proceed to…show more content…
Accordingly, the presence of awareness about the importance of their voice is indeed crucial to support the existence of accurate representation. The awareness emerged when voting becomes a value that is more respected by people. Rules and regulation are intended to be respected as they force people to respect the value inside. It is important to realize that the State also has the authority to stipulate its own laws which will be implemented in state level. Consequently, to enhance voter participation, the Texas government can pass laws that depress voter participation, while rejecting ones that enhance voter participation. The establishment of mandatory voting drives significant rise in voter turnout due to the enactment of laws (The Electoral Comission 27). A compulsory voting stimulates people to think that voting is no longer becoming their rights but also as their responsibility towards their country as citizens. Texas also can go as far as other countries which have been imposing sanctions on the citizens who do not vote. Regarding to that circumstance, as the natural behavior in human, people are triggered to carry out responsibilities because they will be subjected to a sanction in a form of fines or other. Correspondingly, citizenship education supports the laws to be respected more by people. Education is
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