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A trending topic in the United States right now is the wage gap between gender and race. Over time, the gap has slowly closed, but much of that was due to more women working and the for the most part racism ending. Although the United States has made some excellent progress, is there unjust discrimination regarding wages between the two parties? Discrimination amongst wages comes from multiple rationales, not just race. They include gender, religion, and sexual preference. The most common form of wage discrimination is race because it’s the most identifiable, meaning it’s a very a broad aspect of somebody’s personal traits to view them by. When looking at the demographic group for wage differences, majority of the field is compared to the…show more content…
Also, depicted in the graph is the comparisons per gender. While keeping the race the same, the median hourly wage for men is significantly higher. Solutions to lowering the wage gap include the Paycheck Fairness Act, which was obstructed by congress. According to Kaitlin Holmes a special Assistant for the Women’s Initiative Center for American Progress, “The Paycheck Fairness Act would be a critical step forward in closing the gender wage gap by prohibiting gender-based pay discrepancies and banning workplace policies that penalize employees for sharing wage information” (Holmes). As stated previously, not only is there a gap between wages, but as a society we’ve shut down routes to expose, and fix the difference in…show more content…
Even though I was aware that there was a wage gap present between the different parties, I still came away with knowledge about the subject. Although I was aware that women’s life choices alter the amount of money they make, I was not aware of how significant the gap was, along with the effect it has on income. Another topic that caught my attention was the demographic for the labor force. I learned that over a third of the population working are white males, and of that population they earn more than every other ethnicity for the same

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