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Mrs. Wagner and Mr. Sperry have both worked at Inequality High School for the past 10 years. Each earning their B.A. in teaching at the same university, both teachers teach 10th grade American History. In fact, both teachers have the exact same qualifications. The only difference? Mrs. Wagner makes 79 cents for every dollar Mr. Sperry makes. Wage inequality is just one of the many issues that women face in this lifetime. As a woman in a male-dominated society, I feel there are a lot of things in terms of equality we can change. But to completely and efficiently address these issues, we need to focus on one at a time. While we have come a long way in shattering the inferiority complex plaguing women, the glaring matter of wage gap, until addressed, will force women into a category of the lesser sex. If I could solve any problem I would solve the problem of unequal pay between men and women.…show more content…
Sperry and Mrs. Wagner are imaginary, wage gap inequality is very real. I would hope that as I begin my professional career, I am treated with the same high esteem as my male counterparts. Working hard all my life to be paid less is not a practice I would like to take part in. I feel the only plausible and effective way to solve the wage gap inequality is for the head of companies to intervene and take immediate action rather than taking a backseat approach and instructing companies to implement programs that won’t have an immediate effect. A hands-on approach by someone in charge will not only address the severity of the issue but will encourage all women to take it upon themselves to declare their equality and demand that they be treated as such. Another step I would take to solve this problem is to have the government step in and implement laws that will force work places to take accountability. Once the government acknowledges that wage inequality is indeed an issue, it will push the rest of the society forward in a major

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