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Comparison between Cycling and Walking as a Form of Exercise
“Life is meant for good health and great adventure.” How do we start healthy lifestyle? Why make it healthy? Every year people tend to die primitively because of the pollutions impact. The death caused by traffic pollution are numerous and even more relevant than death caused by accidents. Cycling and walking are the two major no-fuel-consuming and non-polluting forms of transportation (Benefits of Cycling and Walking, n.d). And active transportation begets an awareness in which generations of today overlooked, considering the fact that we are becoming unhealthy ourselves. Walking and cycling increase fitness which regulates a process that grants improvement, progress and ideal mentality into our body,
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Many Filipinos have become aware of the benefits of exercise (Sorreda, 2010). It is the safest way to condition your body, shed unwanted pounds, reduces stress, and boosts energy. It’s safe even if you are under medical care for heart disease, diabetes, or other conditions because it is a gradual and controlled exertion (Sorreda, 2010). Also, it helps strengthen muscles and bones; it can even decrease your risk of developing diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis. While dementia is also a very serious problem; walking will keep you active, which has a positive effect on how the brain functions. Although there are negative effects on walking which are the weakening of joints, muscle strains and it is very tiresome. As you keep on walking, you will exert pressure and effort to the feet, thus, your weight will be at your legs to your toes that would make it feel numb, and would make your body feel heavy, tired and painful. Muscle strain is another common negative effect on walikng. The muscles thatt feel the most strain are the knees and the front of the calves. Walking with pressure in these muscle groups could cause the muscles to become inflamed and

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