Should Walking And Walking Be Illegal

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Should Walking and Taking be Illegal? Beep! Beep! A car horn just honked at you. You nonchalantly just strolled through a very busy crosswalk. All because your best friend sent you a funny meme on Instagram and you were dying to see it. Everyday a pedestrian is killed because they put their phone before their own lives. There have even been people who have died just from not paying any attention to the roads and being on their phones. The fact that pedestrians can’t put their phone down and get hit by a car may sound absurd but, something serious needs to be down with this madness. Distracted walking should be illegal because it leads to many deaths, economic have to pay for the accidents, and with the distracting walking being a law can change some people’s behavior.…show more content…
Although, it may sound like a common sense trait to put your phone down and look both ways before crossing a street, some others have not thought that way. Darren Calabrese the author of “Should texting while walking be banned?” stated that, “ Transport Canada reports an average of 33 percent of pedestrians killed on roadways are deemed at-fault for crashes, for reasons like failing to make eye contact with others or assuming motorists will stop for them.” The number of the average amount of people that have died if ludicrous and extremely out of hand. This shows how people pay show much attention to their own cellar device that they can’t look up for just one second to cross a busy road. Since many people are failing to put their phone down and dying because of that, shows that distracted walking should definitely be illegal for the sake of our
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