Essay On Mexican War

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If you sent 70 soldiers in territory that you believed to be yours and had gotten a report that some were killed and the rest were captured, would you believe that to be an act of war. The United States War with Mexico began when Mexico invited settlers (That they couldn’t take care of), and became tyrannical. So like the American Revolution they revolted and gained their independence, when we annexed them and moved our soldiers into our own territory. The soldiers were attacked and we declared war against Mexico. Although people may view the war as unjust, it is just do to the Americans having a perfectly reasonable reason to declare a war against Mexico. These reasons being Texas’s treatment from Mexico, Mexico’s aggressive behavior towards…show more content…
After dealing with Mexico’s weak and tyrannical government, the Texians decided to write a declaration of independence and stated “The Mexican government has failed to establish any public system of education,”. The Mexicans had previously put demands that they must follow in order to buy the land, one being you must learn spanish but were never provided a way to learn spanish. Since they brought in a population that they couldn’t take care, they couldn’t provide them the tools to fulfill their demands so they were punished which is unfair. In the Warranted War with Mexico brochure, which is about Mexico’s past and the circumstances of the war, it essentially states that Mexico became a tyrannical nanny state so they enforced tyrannical laws on the Texians. If the laws were so important, why Mexico enforce the laws as soon the Texians moved into their newly purchased land. If the Texians moved into a place where the laws were enforced, they would of moved earlier because they wouldn’t have established a life there. But since the laws were enforced later, they couldn’t move because they had already established a living. Not only is the Texan's treatment important, but Mexico’s behavior to America plays a key role in showing that the war is
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