Why Do People Use Music During Ww1

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Music changes with the times, just like people do. Music is also an important part of all cultures, but some genres of music were actually a direct creation of war. War brings violence, turmoil, and stress to many, which is why these people used music to escape. However, music also helped soldiers during the wars. The soldiers use music to cope with the cruelty of war. Music provided entertainment for soldiers, relieved stress, and allowed the families back home to express their joy and grief of the war with the world. Music is an easily obtainable source of entertainment for all types of groups. During WWI however, music was utilized for many types of reasons. Music also “helped bring solidarity to groups, strengthen morale and help diminish fear and quite simply, they helped reduce the boredom, frustration and monotony of military life”(Music of the Great War). Not only did music help with those things, during the start of the war, music was also used as a recruitment tactic (Stempel). Soldiers would use music as an escape from the horrible way of living that built up around them. The government also provided the troops with marching bands, although the soldiers took the musical approach to a different level. When not in trenches, “Soldiers would regularly put on concert parties and almost every division had its own entertainment troop”(Music of the Great War). Soldiers also sang songs while marching,…show more content…
Music had a greater impact on the war than others may think. Music can change the way we process things, feel and even how we perceive the world. Wars help push the world to change and adapt. Which is why many great things came out of wars. Things like jazz, the blues, and even ragtime came to be because of war. World War I may be getting forgotten, but we will always remember the technological advances, alliances, and the music and entertainment that came out of
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