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War Remnants Museum – A Living Page in the History of Vietnam
Nearly 45 years have passed since the Vietnam War, but its effects still echo in the modern day. Most the marks of the darkest time of the country are gone, yet some of them still exist in the War Remnants Museum. This will be a free ticket to the past when visiting the museum during your travel to Vietnam. Take a look at this post and know more about this magnificent place.
A 42-year-old Museum in Vietnam
After North Vietnam archived victory and gained control of Southern Vietnam in 1975, the museum, called “The Gallery of American Crime - Wei”, was built and opened for public. The main purpose was to expose the war crimes from the US and French at that time and promote the heroic
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Nowadays, about half a million tourists pour into the museum every year to find out a glimpse of the cruel war.
Things to see in War Remnants Museum
Perhaps nowhere in the Southern Vietnam has more details information and exhibition than War Remnants Museum. Although the exterior makes the building seem like a normal and modern location, there are actually hundreds of artifacts, machine of wars, and military equipment in the museum.
In the beginning, you would want to venture inside to find numerous old pictures showing the act of US army. Many of them including the scene of an officer dragging a farmer, Vietnamese prisoners and so on. The most popular ones may be the impacts of Agent Orange, the napalm bombs, etc… Those pictures will certainly show you the horrifying experience during the war.
If the photograph is not enough to show you the past, there is a lot of room recreating the prisons or the special building based on the “tiger cages”. It was a unique prison by the French used on Con Dao Island in 1940. Here, the prisoners were tortured harshly and their health was poorly managed, which led to many deaths inside the
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