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Traditional wardrobe buying guide Serving as an important piece of storage in almost every house, wardrobes tend to dominate the look of the room. A traditional wardrobe has a streamlined shape, has multiple bars to hang clothes and may or may not have intricate and ornate carvings. Because of the carvings and construction, traditional wardrobes are quite expensive and prove to be a huge investment. So, when buying a traditional wardrobe for your home, make sure you are choosing good quality wood that would make your wardrobe last for years. There are many wood options available for traditional wardrobes, so as a buyer one should be completely aware about wood, design and construction options. The various types of Traditional Wardrobes Traditional…show more content…
These wardrobes generally house multiple shelves, bars for hanging clothes, sometimes drawers and may or may not have inbuilt lockers. Many of the traditional double door wardrobes also have drawers on the outside at the bottom that can be used to store footwear or anything the user wants to. Three-Door traditional wardrobes Offering more scope for keeping things organised as compared to double door wardrobes, three door traditional wardrobes are great for people who have a lot of apparels and accessories to store. Just like double door ones, these also have hanging rods, multiple shelves and drawers on the inside. Because they are huge in size, three door wardrobes are not good for homes with small rooms. Wardrobes with Drawers These wardrobes have multiple drawers built inside the wardrobe either in the bottom half of the wardrobe or at about knee-level. Drawers are an excellent way to keep small things organised inside the wardrobes. You can easily use them to store jewellery, watches and other accessories that you may require to use daily. Wardrobes with inbuilt drawers is a very modern approach, but there are many tradition wardrobes that come housed with

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