Essay On Warning Labels

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Just imagine if you were in the store going to buy some beverages for a party. Then all of a sudden you see warning labels on every drink. How would you feel? Well I would feel very alarmed and not want to buy that product and that is exactly what the warning labels will do. On every food item and drink there are already warning labels. Those warning labels are the nutrition facts on the back of all boxes or containers. It tells you the amount of sugar, sodium, potassium, carbohydrates etc. It also shows all the ingredients. I created this scene so the reader is in question of, do we really need warning labels on every item? This illustrated my point because my point is we don't need anymore warning labels on items when there already is a warning label pretty much. I included this to get the readers attention and make them question their opinion on whether or not there should be warning labels. Warning labels are unnecessary to be put on…show more content…
Soon it will become excessive and be put on every item and it would be unnecessary and it defeats the purpose. That warning label is the nutrition facts on the back of every sugary drink. My reason makes sense because if you think about it, doesn't the nutrition facts state it all? People want to put warning labels on sugary drinks for what? The nutrition facts clearly state everything the consumer needs to know about what they are about to drink or eat. So a warning label is unnecessary. In an article by Evan Cook it states, "Beverage companies are already making efforts to help America be healthier (Cook, 2014). Coca-Cola for example, displays a calorie count on the front of nearly every drink produced." Lastly , the nutrition facts state everything the consumer may want to know about what they are buying and what they are gonna consume (Should there be warning labels on sugary drinks?,
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