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Warrior tattoos have a vast number of meanings, and it only makes sense that it's one of the most popular tattooing styles worldwide, enjoying an increase in popularity by the year. For some, they represent inner strength. For others, they're part of their cultural heritage. The tale of the warrior tattoo takes us back to ancient times when Polynesian warriors and the fearless Vikings roamed the earth. Today, modern-day "warriors" use these tattoos to show their masculinity and courage in facing more contemporary "battles". A warrior, be it a man or a woman, is never afraid to take upon them the weight of a battle. They'll only get stronger as they face more challenging forces. And this is exactly why we need to dive more into the history and meaning of the fascinating warrior tattoos. The History and Meaning of the Warrior Tattoo…show more content…
Tribal The tribal design is one of the most popular, involving broad black strokes. Its meaning is connected to honor, family, strength, and fearlessness. The figures and shapes used to create this style often represent elements of nature, including animals, and those related to tribal life. These tattoos usually tell a story, or at least they used to. 2. Celtic Another popular warrior style of tattooing is the Celtic one. Popularized by people of Irish, Welsh, and Scottish descent, they feature complex details such as knots. These elements are usually placed on designs such as helmets and shields. They too demonstrate virility and fearlessness. 3. Roman The Roman were some of the most well-regarded warriors of the ancient world. They were known as a special breed, some of the world's most famed fighters in history because of their bravery. Roman-style tattoos often portray helmets, shields, and swords used in battles, phrases in Latin or other inscriptions. Regardless of the design, one this is certain - it shows that the wearer takes pride in their unlimited power and coordination. 4.
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