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Name Professor Course Code Date Environmental Impact of Waste Paper and its Management Background Information As the world population increases, the use of paper resources has escalated at a very high rate. Paper has become one of the most important elements in daily life. The situation has more so been brought about by the emergence of printing press. Disposable paper is now cheaply available to interested users, which contributes to the high levels of consumption for the commodity. A high consumption rate ultimately results to accumulation of waste paper. The waste paper challenge has consequently become a significant source of worry in the society. The overall impact of waste paper on the environment may have far reaching effects, both in the short run and the long run. Recent research has shown that there has been an increase on about 400% in the consumption of paper resources around the world in the last 4 decades (Rao 3). Furthermore, approximately 35% of the world’s harvest on trees ends up in the paper mills industry (Rao 4). Such figures underline the significance of the paper issues, including waste, and the…show more content…
The sight that meets the eye in places where waste paper is dumped or not cleaned up is not attractive. The overall aesthetic value of places, buildings or even homes is negatively affected by the same (Rao 19). In situations where there are no clear procedures that guide waste collection and disposal, people tend to take the shortest routes in meeting the need. Such include dumping waste paper in public places, making the overall appearance deteriorate considerably. Dumping tends to affect the image of a place to new comers. As a result, presence of dumps in the public have the effect of reducing the allure of the location to new settlers. The result is that reduction in aesthetic pleasantness of a place affects the price of capital such as land negatively and inhibits

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