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Across the globe they are families and family members that engage in watching television every day. Google defines television as “a system for transmitting visual images and sound that are reproduced on screens, chiefly used to broadcast programs for entertainment, information, and education.” Television is one of the most used mediums in the world to transmit information to persons, yet there should be some limit to the amount of time spent before it. Consequently, the question remains; how much is too much television for a person to watch. The average viewer watches about thirty hours of television a week; however, the most avid watcher can watch up to eighty hours a week. Therefore, anything between and above that range is considered too much television. Children, teenagers and family life on a whole are affected by the excessive watching of television. Watching too much television has numerous…show more content…
There is less communication within the home which distracts them from the real meaning of family. Their belief on family life is spent in front of the television rather than sharing ideas, thoughts and plans that could unite the family. The less communication there is the more problems may seem to arise. Moreover, marriages are broken due to their abuse of watching television. Either one person or both spend majority of their time watching television that spending it with their spouse. The television becomes the spouse and replaces the companionship that is required to nurture the marriage through each stage of their union. Furthermore, conflict arises within the family because of their obsession with watching too much television. They argue about their favorite shows and the fictional characters from them. They argue about what to watch, and the remote is often times the center of the argument. The true meaning of family life must not be mistaken with spending time in front of a television

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