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Introduction The creation of water drainage systems is considerably an old engineering practice that can be traced back to the ancient civilizations; most notably of the Greeks and the Romans (Burian, S., & Edwards, F., n.d.). In the modern world, water drainage systems have evolved with the advancement of technology as well as the discovery of modern engineering materials. Even so, the concept behind water drainage systems remains as is. And that is, to provide a sanitary and efficient way of managing excess water for disposal. Excess water can be classified either as waste water or storm water (Burian, S., & Edwards, F., n.d.). Waste water is the water that has been used in residential, commercial and industrial establishments and is deemed as foul or unclean. On the other hand, storm water is the water in excess of the soil’s infiltration capacity due to precipitation. Once the soil’s water bearing capacity has been exceeded, storm water runs-off the surface, which…show more content…
Traditional water drainage systems are known to combine waste and storm water into a single underground drainage network that washes directly to natural water ways. The purpose of which is to take excess water as fast as possible from areas that are prone to flooding (Southampton City Council, n.d.). However, this approach does not consider environmental impacts such as contamination. The United States, for example, has an excessive amount of waste water used in varied purposes that it is sometimes necessary to separate the drainage system of waste water from storm water. Also, the country’s environmental policies suggest that waste water should be treated first before it is allowed to drain in natural waterways such as rivers, lakes and

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