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What is the best way to use water flosser?
A healthy mouth is not just about having healthy teeth but also about having healthy gums. Placing premium on how you take care of your mouth improves your general health. Brushing and flossing regularly helps you maintain a good oral hygiene.
Have you ever wondered why you should floss? You should because it is an important part of your daily oral care as much as brushing is. Flossing shouldn’t replace tooth brushing; rather it should be a complementary hygienic routine. There are spaces in between your teeth that your brush cannot get to; flossing helps you to get rid of food and bacteria accumulation in these spaces. Flossing helps keep your gum line free of plaque. You can simply prevent or reduce
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A water flosser dislodges food debris or accumulation in between the teeth; it also massages and strengthens the gum by stimulating blood flow to the gums. The water flosser reaches inaccessible areas that a toothbrush cannot get into. This is different from the normal dental floss (string) because it is a water jet that propels water in between your teeth to get rid of the food particles and plaques. Unlike dental floss, it does not irritate the gums and it causes no bleeding.

Who can benefit from using a water flosser?
Everyone can! A water flosser is very easy to use even for children.
People who have undergone oral surgery will benefit from water flossing as it is softer on the gums than string flossing. This will help to keep a good oral hygiene in other to prevent post surgical infection.
People with tight spaces between their teeth, or people with orthodontic appliances like braces or dentures. Food particles will be easier to dislodge with a water flosser.
It is also very beneficial for people who have fragile teeth as well as mouth ulcers since it allows gentle cleaning.

How can I use a water

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