Essay On Water Pollution In China

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Through this essay so will there be given information on the environmental problems China is currently facing; It will be focused on water pollution as it will go more in-depth when it comes for that. One of the aspects will be some comparison between the past and the recent years will be made. Moreover the second aspect will also include how water pollution harms human health, and the last aspect will be how the government is handling all of this.
Another thing to be answered is if China is geared to tackle the environmental problems they’re currently struggling with, this text will take into consideration different aspects of why or why they’re not geared to tackle the environmental problems. This will be answered in the conclusion of this essay.
In the recent years so have China’s economy grown a lot and along with it has the
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As Johnson.T(1997) says; is something that happens when fossil fuels are burned, oxides of sulfur and nitrogen are emitted into the atmosphere. Once there, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides react with other chemicals to form sulfuric acid and nitric acid. These gaseous emissions can stay in the atmosphere for several days and travel hundreds or thousands of kilometers before falling back to the earth’s surface as acid rain. This process is more accurately termed acid deposition, since acidity can travel to the earth’s surface in many forms; rain, snow, fog, dew, particles(dry deposition), or aerosol gases.
The effects of Acid rain as Hai-Ying Liu(15/01/2015, ) says are the direct effects of So2, extremely acidic mist or rain events or other pollutants. It also has its effects on the soil which is likely to have negative effects on forest growth in China. Defilation is a difficult thing to diagnose as insect attacks play a major role in indicating the climatic stress. Predisposing effects acid rain cannot be ruled out as an additional cause due to the difficulty to
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