Essay On Water Pollution In Colorado

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Water contamination and pollution has been a major problem throughout the nation due to the fact that it’s being done all over. Especially of the most recent contamination in Colorado all in the Animas River from the EPA spilling.
Within the last couple of month there has been a mere excessive amount of water being polluted and having toxic waste carelessly dumped. The Animas River of
Colorado and flowing through Utah, New Mexico, and high Northern Part of Arizona. But it’s not just the that, there are plenty of lakes and rivers that are being contaminated with toxic waste all the time. “Major communities impacted by the spill included Silverton
(population 630); Durango, Colorado, (population 17,000) about 50 miles downstream; and Farmington,
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However, the language of the
CWA is vague in terms of whether EPA can require states to implement a TMDL through nonpoint source restrictions.” (The United States Environmental Protection
Agency paragraph 6). CWa is the Clean Water Act. This is happening even here in the valley. Mostly, along the way of Texas is a big one, it seems that majority of the whole state has lakes that are polluted. Of course, it may not do much harm, but yet, water should purified and clean. Especially lakes.
But water contamination can heavily affect those that aren’t really hooked up to a main water line specifically for drinking and other personal uses. Also for those that still live in isolated areas and have to go and haul their own water. It can have a major impact, not only on individuals but a community. In reference to smaller towns on the
Navajo Reservation.
To some people, they think that only the people of the community can make an end to all of it, but mostly bigger corporations and government can really stop it. But then again, the problem has not been solved yet because apparently the business’ that corrupt water flow have nowhere else to put these waste. Of course, who could

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