Essay On Water Pollution In Malaysia

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Malaysia is well known with the rainfall seasons and people who live in the country receive a plenty of water resources. The uses of water are important in all aspect of daily life and sufficient quantity of good quality of water is acute for human being. It is estimated that each of people in Malaysia uses more than 5000 m3 per capita of renewable water per year.[1] In comparison to other countries where the per capita uses are less than 1000m3 per capita per year, Malaysia have been using an enormous quantity of water. [2] However, water pollution which is one of many environmental challenges seems popular in Malaysia today and also at developing countries due to human activities and the rise of population growth, industrial production, climate change and other factors. These activities are including the increasing industrialization, throwing sewage, industrial waste into rivers and oceans, using harmful fertilizers and littering.[3] It is therefore affects the water sources in term of the distribution, quantity, and the chemical quality of water sources.[4] Water can be polluted when the pollutants released into it and will contaminate the streams, lakes, seas, underground water or oceans and thus can be a health hazard to human being. Water pollutants which enter the water bodies comes from various sources and can be categorized as sewage…show more content…
As the populations in the country grow, the water pollutions tend to become worse. This is because the sewage wastes when discharged in water are mostly produced from human activity and hence act as the biggest pollutant of fresh water.[6] The discharge of untreated sewage into a river can cause harmful to human health and also immediately reduce the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. Consequently, yields to horrible smell to the river and harm the other living
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