Essay On Water Pollution

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Streams are essential to humans in terms of domestic, agricultural and industrial use. It is an important part of our ecosystem, providing a shelter for many organisms and also a source of water for consumption. It serves as a means of transportation of goods from one place to another. Polluted streams have a great destructive impact on stream ecosystems due to water contamination which causes a critical drop in oxygen levels and numerous creatures are not able to endure low levels of oxygen in waterways (Seibel, 2011, Cox, 2003). Pollution of the river also leads to decrease in freshwater resources because rivers are among most important sources of freshwater in the world which can lead to an excessive shortage of water in the world (Strayer and Dudgeon, 2010).The effect of water pollution has really caused damage to all living organisms on the earth and in water bodies. Pollution problem in the stream could be due to the transport of both conservative and non-conservative pollutants, which includes sewage from domestic households and industrial waste from factories (Spiegel and Maystre, 2004). Also, sewage that is treated in water treatment plants is often disposed into the sea. Due to these various sources of pollutant entering the environment with increase or decrease in concentration as a result of a large variety of mechanisms, hence there is a need to make the water safe and clean for the consumption of living organisms.
The survival of Aquatic life depends on

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