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Introduction: In this essay I will try to explain water purification and talk about: Why is it important to have clean water; What can happen without clean water; Diseases that unpurified water has; Impact in economy and society of unclean water; What techniques are used to purify water; What is water purification: What is water purification: Water purification is the process of producing drinking water by killing and removing chemicals and bacteria’s. Water purification is not designed only for drinking, it can help in industrial, medicine and scientific applications. There are a lot of methods of water purification. Water takes 70% in human body, and if we will drink unsafe water, minimum 70% of our body will be affected. All the water sources must be monitored to keep people in safe. No one can tell that water is safe just by looking at it. Why is it important to have clean water: Water is 70% of human body, if it will be dirty 70% of our body…show more content…
UV Water Purification, UV stands for Ultra Violet. UV systems can destroy 99.99% of harmful to our body microorganisms with no chemicals or making your water taste or look different. United States FDA approved it in the top 4 techniques to purify water. Ultra Violet Water Purification proved to be quick, cost effective and reliable method of purifying water. UV is safe, clean and easy method. It uses Ultra Violet light to kill microorganisms. This technology is already proven with no drawbacks. In some ways it cost can be higher than chlorination, but it pays for itself. This technology is environment friendly and trouble free which means that it won’t harm the environment and won’t be affected by any problems. The only thing for you required to do is to replace UV lamp, it is as simple as to change a normal light

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