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The most fundamental human needs of water are for drinking, cooking, bathing and personal hygiene. To meet these needs, the quality of the water used must fix no risk to human health. The quality of the water in nature also has an impact on the condition of ecosystems that all living organisms depend on. At the same time, humans use water bodies as convenient sinks for the disposal of domestic, industrial and agricultural wastes. This of course degrades the quality of those water bodies. Water resources management involves the monitoring and management of water quality as much as the monitoring and management of water quantity. Water quality analysis should be carried out at present scenario. Due to industrialization, many toxic chemicals…show more content…
Most users of water depend on adequate levels of water quality. When these levels are not met, these water users must either pay an additional cost for water treatment or incur at least increased risks of damage or loss. As populations and economies grow, more pollutants are generated; many of these are waterborne, and hence can end up in surface and groundwater bodies. Increasingly, the major efforts and costs involved in water management are devoted to water quality protection and management. Conflicts among various users of water are increasingly over issues involving water quality as well as water quantity. Natural water bodies are able to serve many uses, including the transport and assimilation of waterborne wastes. But as natural water bodies assimilate these wastes, their quality changes particularly it degrades. If the quality drops to the extent that other beneficial uses are adversely affected, the assimilative capacities of those water bodies have been exceeded with respect to those affected uses. Water quality management measures are actions taken to ensure that the total pollutant loads discharged into receiving water bodies do not exceed the ability of those water bodies to assimilate those loads while maintaining the levels of quality specified by quality standards set for those

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