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Background It is rather obvious to make general statement that water is essential for the support of life and development efforts of all nations. As a resource commodity, it permits a high level of economic and community metabolism. Countries, however share not only blessings of nature, but also the common fate of diminishing and deteriorating water supplies. In the past people have assumed that water was free and was available as needed. However, we have now reached the stage at which demand for water is generally difficult to meet in some regions, while in other region meeting demand in some seasons or particular time is difficult. This problem will be more acute in the future with the increase in population…show more content…
The following facts illustrate the status of the country’s water resources with respect to other Asian and Pacific countries.  Of 24 Asian and Pacific countries, Sri Lanka has the lowest per capita water resource supply, at 2.4 thousand m3 per capita per year.  Sri Lanka has the second highest annual variability of rainfall of 22 Asian and Pacific countries; high locational and seasonal variability further complicate the water supply situations  Sri Lanka also has the second highest reservoir capacity as a percentage of annual water resource availability from a list of 17 Asian and Pacific countries, indicating the high cost of water resource management in this country.  Between 1990 and 2010 Sri Lanka lost approximately 20% of its forest cover, ranking eleventh out of 21 Asian and Pacific countries. Visible warning signs regarding the status of water resources are increasing. Seasonal and sometimes serious water shortages are occurring and the combined effect of global climate changes and increasing water demand, rising incomes and general economic development will make these shortages more severe. In fact, water shortages are likely already restricting the achievement of national

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