Essay On Water Shortage In Ethiopia

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INTRODUCTION: Hi everyone, Let me introduce myself to you. I am Arda AKSOY from Psychology Department. I want you to imagine that you’re surrounded by deserts, you’re thirsty and you cannot find a single drop of clean water for hours. It would be so difficult, right? This is the real problem experienced by the citizens of Ethiopia. This point is verified by WHO/UNICEF’s 2012 joint report in which it is stated that 56% of the general population in Ethiopia has no access to clean water. I think this situation clearly shows that the water shortage problem is greater than we think. OUTLINE: Before giving all the details about this problem let me have a quick look at the points that I will be covering. I’m going to divide my talk into 2 parts. First I will mention about the water shortage problem including the…show more content…
In addition to basic human needs, water is also crucial for the agricultural production since it requires huge amounts of water to grow vegetables. Why the agricultural activities are seen that much important? Because they are the most important sources for Ethiopians to escape from poverty, growing their own foods for free. However, the water problem prevents them from living well. The support for my claim comes from the research conducted in 2014. Belayneh has claimed that “since the only chance of the population to do agricultural activity is the rain, people and the economy of Ethiopia is highly affected by the water shortage.” What they mean is that the water shortage problem seriously affects the agricultural production because Ethiopians have no access to a water source other than rain. So far, we’ve seen the problems caused by Water Shortage in Ethiopia. Now let’s examine how these problems could be solved. B. The Air Condensing

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