Water Beverage Essay

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Nowadays, Water is an essential part of our life. Hence water is considered to be basic need of human. In recent years, water consumption increases due to globalisation and population growth. There is a challenge in day to day life of every country to sustain the fresh food requirement and reducing the farm water consumption. Agriculture is the main occupation of human being. Water is required in tremendous quantity in agriculture field. Water wastage is one of the major problem in agriculture. Water wastage occurs when excess of water has been used to the fields. Many technologies are improved to decrease the water consumption and human involvement in the particular task in an
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A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) in general consists of processing component, communication components which is for routing purpose and for gateway purpose, graphical user interface (GUI) for visual inspection or manual user interaction, power source, sensors for capturing sensing parameters [8].
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In this system, moisture sensors are used to measure the water level.This measurement was sent to the farmer through mobile phones.This phone is connected to electricity water pump and sensor devices. Therefore the electricity water pump is controlled by the farmer on wireless network by using mobile application. The Water level values are displayed in digital values in the mobile application screen page. After identify the water level the mobile application was also adopted with the electric water pump motor to control the switch ON/OFF

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