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Water means different to each of us but one thing is definitely sure that it’s the one thing none of us can live without. If you take in a little of water than your body needs, you can become dehydrated, it can cause dry skin, sunken eyes, and very low blood pressure. As we born we are approximately 75-80% water in our body but when we grow up it will be about 60-65% for men and 50-60% for women, The human brain is about 85-90% of water. Water are important in many ways usually for funs and for works. Without water we can not do many thinks like sport (hockey, ice-skating) and also many things that we do in our daily life.

Water is everywhere, without water there would be no life on earth. Every living thing need water for their
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how will they sent it to your country other than by airplanes? Water transport has come up around thousands years ago with handmade wood to build some types of boats in former times, that can only carried not much of things compare to air transport. But now boat or ships have been designed to be much faster and bigger than before. Water transportation have improve it size so they can carried much things than the air transportation. Sometimes water transportation will be relatively slow but it still…show more content…
This process called hydroelectric, hydropower provides nearly a fifth of the world’s electricity. And also, hydroelectricity lean to have a longer life then fuel fired generation. The process is when the water drop from the higher place it is a potential energy, then to lower place it will become a kinetic energy, and then the kinetic energy go to spin dynamo to produce electricity and it will send to the main point where electricity were store, and then it will sent out to our city or house. This process use in dam that have lots of water store it divide into many part which consists of 3 parts; water for daily uses, water for producing electricity and water for animal

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