Essay On Watershed Year Of 1890

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In the year of 1890 many historical events happened. Which is why 1890 is called a watershed year. In the year of 1890 United States faced many changes with trying to expand their nation and created an empire Three of the many historical events that happen in 1890 was the Oklahoma Land Rush, The Wounded Knee Massacre, and Imperialism. Now to explain, the Oklahoma Land Rush. In the 1880’s Oklahoma was Indian territory, but in the year of 1889, the federal government opened this land for settlers.The Indian tribes that were located in Indiana territory were the Chickasaw, Cherokee, Creek, Cheyenne, Commanche, and Apache tribes. In 1887 the Dawes Act was created to force Indians into white culture. The Dawes Act ended tribal leadership and gave each Indian family 160 acres of land. On April 22, 1889, was the Oklahoma Land Rush. About 50 thousand boomers were waiting along the borders of Indian territory to go claim their land. There was also sooner, which are people who illegally got into the Indian territory before they were supposed to. Eventually two years later the Indian territory became a part of the United States and was called Oklahoma. …show more content…

One reason The Wounded Knee Massacre happen was because of the Ghost Dance. The Ghost Dance was a spiritual dance Indians had that symbolizes their past. The United States saw the Ghost Dance as a threat and banned the Ghost Dance. So, on December 29, 1890, the American Cavalry heard about the Sioux having an armed Ghost Dance. The cavalry went to where the Ghost dance was located and shots were fired killing about 150 Sioux mainly women and children and about 25 men in the cavalry were killed. The Wounded Knee Massacre ended the Ghost Dance and further wars with Native

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