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I have been reading Watership Down for a few weeks and it turned out to be about a lot of different things. Fiver is a small rabbit that can tell when things are going to happen and if they would be good or bad. He foresees great danger to the warren so he tells the Chief Rabbit, who doesn’t believe him. Hazel decides that the must leave the warren so he recruits two of his friends, Dandelion and Blackberry, and Pipkin, a friend of Fiver. The rabbits come to a field where they believe they can stay, but it is already inhabited by a group of rabbits, who let the travelers stay. They decide to leave and Strawberry goes with them. Hazel is badly injured and thought to be dead. Hazel and Blackberry travel to Efrafa to find some does. Meanwhile, Bigwig faces Woundwort in a battle, and defeats him. If I had to pick a rabbit that I could relate to, I think i would be most like Blackberry.…show more content…
It has so much detail and is very nicely put together. I have never thought that rabbits would be so vicious. I thought that the book looked pretty boring when I saw it, but it turned out to be one of my favorite books. I didn’t like the part where Hazel almost died or when they were at the river in the beginning. My favorite part was when Fiver found out Hazel was alive. I also liked when Captain Holly came to Watership Down. When I was was told to pick a part in the movie, I chose to watch the part of the movie where Captain Holly comes to Watership Down. It was very different from the book. When Captain Holly came to Watership Down in the book, the other rabbits found him at the bottom of the hill. In the movie, he ran in the warren to find Bigwig and the others. Also, when Holly was telling them what happened at the old warren in the book, he said that the men put poisonous gas in the warren so it would make the rabbits run out and die. In the movie, the men fill the holes with dirt so it will suffocate the
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