Essay On Weakness Of Fiber Optic

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The first communication of fiber optic start off by Alexander Graham Bell in 1880 called as The Photophone. The Photophone is a device that permitted for the transmission of sound on a beam of light. Based on the Photophone capabilities which can use of an atmospheric transmission medium, Bell creates the first wireless telephone transmission within two buildings with 213 meters apart. However, the Photophone was more practical and took tangible shape. It does not show any practical prove until the enhancement has been made and secured the transport of light was permitted in the technologies of laser and optical fiber.
The mode of optical fiber was first discovered by Harold Hopkins and Narinder Singh Kapany in 1954. They showed that light can be transmitted through the rolled fiber glass and since that it was considered that the light can traverse in only straight medium. In early year single-mode fibers had cores several micrometers in diameter, and after that its bothered developers. They were thought it would be possible to achieve the micrometer-scale
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This is important to recognizing the weakness of optical fiber to avoid a user requirement meets the weakness. All the weakness of each type of optical fiber will be discussed as it will help in keeping user have a clear explanation. Firstly, not affordable by some people. Cost is the main weakness of optical fiber. It is more costly than copper even though consist of plentiful and low in price raw substance which is sand. The optical fibers are more costly to buy, they are more costly to install and need to fixed by the experts. They are not as vigorous as the wires, they have special trial equipment is frequently indispensable to the optical fiber and the installation costs are still high. Although, one fiber can bring numerous more signals than a single copper cable and the big transmission distances mean that less costly repeaters is
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