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Thesis Statement : The Weakness of Subak to face The Globalization Era. Subak is Bali’s heritage cultural form as an irrigation system which has a function to regulate the division and management of water based on the mindset of harmony and unity which is based on the formal rules and religious values. The background issue of Subak is because of the condition of the river which steep lead to source of water and of the farm. This situation assembles the Balinese farmers to form an organization named Subak. Subak led by the head of the Subak called Pekaseh. Pekaseh in charge to coordinate the water management under the Balinese rules called Awig-Awig which was drawn up in egalitarian societies. Even though there are some models of agricultural…show more content…
Worthy of praise are clearly visible in his eyes when he looked at the contour of the typical Subak that stretches across at Jati Luwih, Tabanan. A researcher from Arizona University who has been researching about Subak for more than 36 years, Steven Lansing said that Subak is the most democratic agriculture system in the world. Besides that, the weakness of Subak is outside influence that could make a culture especially Subak is considered the ancient and eventually abandoned. Given the globalization era, how the existence of Subak nowadays? If Bali loses Subak, will the Balinese culture stay afloat? Given Subak and other institutions is Balinese culture. In these days, which civilization of human life has gone beyond the modern civilization, the existence of Subak as a traditional organization is in danger. The patterns of Balinese people that were an agricultural, give priority to agriculture as a livelihood and then change into the industry. Moreover with the rapid growth of Bali tourism. The development of Bali tourism has a positive impact on economic growth but also has the possibility to threaten the existence of Subak in

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