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Introduction All over the world, there is an obvious contrast between the living standards and lifestyle of the rich and the poor. Moreover, there is a large gap between the populations of poor and wealthy. This is known as the Wealth Gap, and it is caused by Wealth Inequality. Wealth Income/Inequality is defined as “The unequal distribution of assets within a population.” Wealth is defined as more than just the amount of income a person has, but instead the value of a person’s assets. And assets being the stuff that you own: your car, your house and your cash money is also an asset. It is the job of the government, leaders and citizens to ensure that the wealth and income is distributed equally among the population. However, when this fails due to corruption, discrimination among other causes the country is unable to move forward economically, further leading to poverty and civil unrest and other consequences. Surprisingly, statistics show that wealth inequality is not limited to only developing countries, but also some of the most developed countries. America, Israel and Greece are one of the countries with the worst income inequality. In some countries there is an equal and…show more content…
It is proven that gender does contribute to a difference in wages in society and there for another cause of wealth inequality. The U.N. has found that gender discrimination is still a significant factor in holding many women and children around the world in poverty. In many countries, there is a gender income gap in the labor market. For example, in America, statistics show that “The median full-time salary for women is 78 percent of that of men”; despite the fact women make up half the workforce. One of the reasons women earn less income/money in their lifetime is usually because they are single mums and/or have more people/family to support on their

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