Essay On Weapons Of Darkness

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Indirect weapons of darkness. Indirect weapons are tools of darkness that the devil uses to shackle people into spiritual bondage. These tools include evil spells against any area of our lives; demonic possessions and sicknesses. The intention of all these weapons is to shackle a person so that the devil could imprison a certain area of his life. He could shackle their health, jobs, marriages, children, money and any other area he wants to put in bondage.

Anyone who is an alcoholic has been shackled by the devil, and so is any marriage that is experiencing troubles. It is the truth that any person who cannot keep his job for some or other reasons has been caged by the weapons of darkness. Undoubtedly, any area that is experiencing failure
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God is holy and every child of God abides in that holiness. Holiness or righteousness is a state of purity and power. It releases the power of God upon anyone who abides in the same spiritual state. Anyone who rejects the word of God is not holy, they abide in darkness. The devil is darkness, and he can touch anyone who lives in the same spiritual state of darkness. Darkness attracts darkness, and righteousness attracts righteousness. Righteousness is the power of God, and anyone who abides in it will be covered with the victorious power of God.

Systems of the world. The devil is a master strategist and everything he does is connected in more ways than one. Every move he makes is a chest game tactic to destroy the children of God. He uses his evil spiritual powers to attack the unsuspecting children of God, but he needs the assistance of the world systems to help him in this regard.

Without the help of the world systems, Satan might struggle to touch us. The world systems make people reject the righteousness of Jesus, and when they succumb to the trap of the devil, he will use spiritual weapons to attack them. Those who believe in the righteousness of Jesus are insulated against the weapons of the devil, but those who reject it would succumb to the weapons of destruction. Assuredly, the world systems soften us for the spiritual attacks from the kingdom of
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