Skiing And Snowboarding Essay

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Helmets Required for Skiing and Snowboarding Requiring people to wear helmets at all times on the slopes regardless of age benefits enthusiasts and children. Helmets reduce injury by 35% (Picard 1). In a study by the Canadian Medical Association, 46,564 snowboarders and skiers from three continents sustained an injury to the neck or head that was serious enough for first aid and medical attention from a hospital or ski patrol (Picard 1). One in five of the people in the study were wearing helmets (Picard 1). A former professional skier, Mr. Kinar has lobbied to having helmets sold in Canada have certain requirements (Picard 2). “‘Helmets really do help but they have to be a good quality and people actually have to wear them,” Mr. Kinar said ”’ (Picard 2). Helmets reduce injuries, provide protection for young children, and establish an age requirement for children when they can make the choice between wearing one or not. “As the popularity of these sports has…show more content…
“White is a sinewy 19-year-old with California charisma and a shock of red hair, which partly accounts for his nickname the “Flying Tomato. He is also snowboarding’s biggest mainstream star, and a winner of four gold medals at the Winter X Games. He began wearing a helmet a decade ago and became an instant pariah” (Higgins 1). The United States does not have laws for helmet use and resorts only recommend them, even professional contests don’t leave the choice to the rider(Higgins 1). Todd Richards a professional for more then ten years, wore a helmet in the 80s at his first competition (“Higgins 1”). He was made fun of for it and was called “The guy with the helmet” (Higgins 1). ‘“I grew up in a generation where it wasn't cool,” Richards said. “The next generation, The Shaun White and whatnot, all wear them. Its O.K. for kids now.’”(Higgins
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