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In The Scottish Play or Macbeth, weather plays into the underlying story. The skies will tell you what is going to happen. Not exactly what is going to happen, but it will tell you if something bad or good will occur. The type of weather, like lightning, rain, or overcast also conveys different meanings. Such as a supernatural event, or a foreshadow of doom. Throughout Macbeth, Shakespeare utilizes weather to tell the audience about how the kingdom is doing.
Throughout Macbeth, you know when someone makes a bad decision. The weather changes dramatically from sunny to rain. Before every major event, it seems like the skies know that the balance is about to be upset. When Duncan is about to be killed, there is not a light in the sky. There
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Overcast skies seem to occur at the untimely end of someone close to Macbeth. It is at the demise of Duncan and Banquo. When the overcast skies are cleared we get a sense of things returning to their natural conditions. Shakespeare uses weather to create a feeling of turbulence and unease throughout the play. He never once says it is sunny. It is smart for Shakespeare to use the weather to convey different feelings. Macbeth is a tragedy so throughout the play the weather is chaotic. It sets the mood of the play, filling us with dreadful emotions. This gives the reader and the audience a sense that things are not going well in the kingdom or for the main characters. The readers and the audience view weather as being directly related to any event in the play. Shakespeare uses weather brilliantly in Macbeth. He keeps the weather bad and unnatural, playing into our emotions. When we look outside and see it is sunny and warm, we are filled with happiness. Pleasant weather makes us happy and brings happy feelings. We want to go out and embrace the beautiful weather. However, when the weather turns grim we feel depressed and shut off. We would rather stay stay indoors with a blanket and forget about what the weather is
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