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A website and a web application are usually interchangeable words by the general public, but they are different. A website is a simple single page site. It is usually build using HTML and CSS. Other tools can be used to create it that doesn’t require the use or knowledge of a programming language or database. Websites are also usually not updated, or not very often. On the other hand, a web application is an interactive page that is frequently changing and dynamic. For example, if you visit the site of a restaurant and find basic information such as opening hours and a menu then you are on a website. However, if you visit the site and there are options like making reservations or being able to order the food then that is a web application.…show more content…
Even though they have their advantages, there are also disadvantages. Firstly, an advantage of these are efficiency. Building a website or web application takes time and patience to write out hundreds of lines of code, and if this code does not work the programmer has to develop even more patience to fix it. The use of libraries and frameworks help deduct some of the strain on the programmer. Development has become faster and easier in this way and therefore more efficient. Another advantage is that most popular frameworks are completely free. Since it has the additional benefit of efficiency, the cost of the final project will be significantly less. These programs usually come with support which is another pro. There is usually an online community with answers to questions and basic do’s and don’ts of the framework or library. With these advantages, there are contrasting disadvantages such as limitations and the fact that the code is public. The framework’s functions cannot be modified in any way. The programmer is forced to work within the limits of the code given. Another problem to be considered is that the code is available for everyone, whether their intentions be good or bad. It can be studied and broken down to be used in ways that can potentially harm the work of the

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