Cord Of Three Strands Essay

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Cord of Three Strands Ceremony Kit

Thank you so much for ordering your Cord of Three Strands Ceremony kit.

Inside your kit, you will find everything you need to create a memorable ceremony at your wedding that represents the sacred union of you and your partner into a marriage covenant with God at the center, including:

A gorgeous Cord of Three Strands that consists of high-quality rayon cords attached to a brass ring
An explanation card that can be displayed with your braided cord and a rubber band and thread to secure the ends after braiding
A ceremonial passage card that is given to the marriage officiant to read during the ceremony, which includes three different optional readings to choose from
An informational card that includes our customer support email
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A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."

This passage from the book of Ecclesiastes demonstrates the importance of Christian companionship. When two Christians come together in marriage and are bound with Christ, they are stronger than they were by themselves. To demonstrate their commitment to this unity with God, today [Type in name __] and [Type in name __] have decided to braid three strands into a single cord. Each strand has its own color and significant meaning:

The (( Pick a Color ))strand represents God and his divinity. This marriage is under His authority and intended to glorify him.

The (( Pick a Color ))strand represents the groom and his life in Christ. As the groom submits himself to God, in return, God will demonstrate his love in the couple’s marriage.

The (( Pick a Color )) strand represents the bride and her purity, having been cleansed by the salvation of Christ. The wife submits herself to God and honors her husband, and God will nourish and strengthen the
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