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5 wedding entertainment ideas that will impress your guest
Standing out from the crowd makes you look more unique. Adding a unique touch to your wedding celebration makes your guest entertained and your wedding ceremony the talk of the town. Thinking out of the box when planning for your wedding celebration like walking in on a horseback or having a tequila bar for your guests instead of the traditional cocktail drink will impress your guests. Here are 5 awesome tips that you can use to impress your guests on your wedding day so as to keep them entertained all through the ceremony.

1. walking in like a royalty
Come into your wedding celebration dress like royalties on some very antique dressing adds color to your apparel. Move out from the traditional suit for the groom and white gown for the bride. Since it's your day, you can look classier by dressing in a flirtier and more eye-popping dress that will keep all eyes focused on you. You don't want another person to steal the show on your wedding day, do you? You can also decide to dress more casual in
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When it comes to an outdoor reception party, then we can spice it up with spectacular decorations such as a not so low hanging chandelier with beautiful flowers to give it a paradise look. Create a banquet style seat for your guests to encourage a more intimate atmosphere for them. With a good setting to mingle and get cozy between eating and dancing, create a comfy lounge area with lots of pillows and couches. This way, you would be able to keep them in the party even when there are off the dance floor. Since it's an outdoor reception party, you can also encourage time out for games for your guests most especially the little ones present. You can set up an outdoor game house that is highly interactive or better still make one of the reception table a cooling station for lovers of the game. Its fun isnt

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