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Steps to prepare a successful wedding makeup To avoid the worst of the beauty looks to her marriage and do it yourself his bride makeup, we follow the following tips * - ON SE fact a COMPLEXION perfect it's always wonder what will give her make-up in the photo. Flash brings out the shine and irregularities - even dry skin is affected. So I suggest matting the complexion with a database Foundation that will serve as virtual blotter between the skin and the Foundation., we especially do not change background habits of complexion in coverage and intensity; We take the same as usual, making sure that it is long-lasting. If you absolutely want to do UV sessions before the day J, we change its background of complexion, but always taking the tone…show more content…
We put a clear bluish (pink blotting or beige) on the eye. Then you put the pencil to ease in a darker eyeshadow and asked a small shadow from the lashes to create a smoky effect. We avoid the pencil flush with the lower lashes, especially if you have pockets or dark circles. This line of make-up fits small eyes, but he much sophisticated look; so kept rather for the evening. With blue eyes, used a bronze pencil (if you have light hair) or a pencil, chocolate or Brown (if you have brown hair and olive skin). With green eyes, we use the palette of purples to basic blue or gray (but not Plum because it brings out the blood vessels). With brown eyes, I recommend blue night shades (if you have dark hair) or blue jeans (if we have light hair). Finally, we opted for a mascara waterproof or long-lasting to resist to the * - ON MATIFIE SA mouth front step of lipstick, apply a little loose powder in the mouth with a brush. With his lips, they catch a tissue folded in half as a sieve. This powdery effect ensures a longer duration to lipstick. *-GOOD RETOUCHING is expected before the party, put a little makeup on top of the hand and the same amount of

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