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If you are planning your wedding right now, make sure that you take transportation into consideration. If you are planning on getting ready with your wedding party at one location, having first look or bridal portraits taken at another venue and the ceremony and reception are at different locations, you are going to want to plan for transportation for the wedding party so that everyone is together. You don't want to be waiting on one member of your wedding party to make it to the photo shoot because they got lost along the way. The best way to ensure that your wedding plans go off seamlessly is by arranging transportation for your entire wedding party. Here are a few things you need to consider when arranging and renting a limousine service.…show more content…
Bride & Groom Finally, you also need to think about how you and your spouse, the bride and groom, plan on getting from the ceremony to the reception, and from the reception to wherever you plan on spending your first night as a couple. Do you want to use the limousines that you have already rented for the rest of your wedding party to get from the ceremony to the reception? Do you want to rent an additional limousine just to transport you alone together from the ceremony to the reception? Do you want the limousine to wait during your entire reception to take you home at the end of the night, or do you want to do something different, like rent a fancy car to drive away in? As you ponder these transportation questions for the bride and the groom, take into consideration that many limousine companies have minimum time requirements for renting limousines, so if you want solo transportation for the bride and the groom, you will need to rent the limousine for at least the minimum time required. Appoint A Point

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