Essay On Weeds In Agriculture

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More than 70% of Indian population is dependent on agriculture. Thus India is well known as the country of farmers and farm labours. Agriculture is considered as the biggest industries in India and will remain continue to be so far many years to come. Besides livelihood of enormous population agriculture industries export many farm product based on cotton, jute, sugar, oil yielding plants, tobacco etc. Some industries related to agriculture are provided the jobs to the people. But some factor which are decrease the yields of crop. And one of the most effected factor is weeds, weeds interference is one of the most importance factors to decrease the yields of various crops. Weeds are very common, dominated and wide spread in the crop fields. Weeds present in crop fields that compete with crop plants for light moisture and others essential nutrients. Resulting reduce quality and yields of crop and increase the coast of production (Samad et al., 2008). Weeds cause damage to both (khariph and rabi ) crops.
What is weed?
The recognition of plant as weeds is perhaps as old as agriculture itself. When land is cultivated to raise crops weeds spring –up naturally along with the crop plant. The weed science society of America is defining a weed as a plant growing where
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Pathak and Oza (1958) provided information on some useful weeds of Baroda. Bhattacharya gave information on medico-ethano-botanical value of Saurashtra weeds. Weeds are also played an important roll in ayurved medicine. Thomas Britto(2000) reported 53 common weeds of medicinal importance which are used to core diseases like diarrhea, gonorrhea, headache etc. The ethnomedicinal work carried out in the study area with the help of rural people and traditional medicine experts by
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