Essay On Welding Career

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Career and College research paper The career i have chosen is welding. welders do all kinds of stuff. The certain thing i wanna do in welding is an iron worker. Iron workers weld up any kind of metal. They develop, process, and test materials. They build buildings, weld pipe for the oilfield. They also make weld the frame for bridges. You have to be certified to get a welding job anywhere and a certification is a license that you test over you weld plates pipe or whatever you 're gonna test over to be certified. Then i would have to cut it out into 2x4 strips. Then go grind off all the welds and make what you grind off flush with the metal testing strips.then sand it down with a sanding disc. Then when you 're done with that they would put my metal in a bend tester that bends it into a you shape. If I have a crack in the u anywhere you don 't pass. There is all kinds of different certifications you can get like 1g 2g 3g etc.It is important to understand the training requirements, skills or talents needed, salary and benefits offered, and the duties for a particular career when making this decision. I chose this career because i 've always been…show more content…
The education required to get a welding job is a highschool education and a technical institute or vo technical school. Welding isn 't that hard to learn it 's just really hard to be good at if I don 't do it alot or do it at times. I would never be good at it if I didn 't practice all the time. Welders are very common cause no one wants to do it anymore. The work environment for welding is I can be in a shop where you got a/c or heat but doing iron work most of it is out in the weather where it can be 120 degrees in decked out long sleeves possibly a jacket to keep from burning me, pants, boots, a head cap to keep from burning your head and hair out of my skull, and my welding helmet. Or I could be working in the freezing cold where I would actually be warm and benefit from the cold but it 's still
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