Essay On Welding Safety

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Safety is the number one consideration when it comes to jobs like welding. Welding can be very hazardous to a welder if he or she is not wearing the proper safety gear or taking the proper safety procedures. When welding a number of things could go wrong from explosions and gases and fumes to electrical shocks, burns and more. This paper will describe welding hazards and procedures that can be taken to avoid them. One of the main safety hazards of welding is fumes and gases. Many processes such as welding and cutting let of fumes and gases that are harmful to the human body. “Fumes are solid particles which originate from welding consumables” Long-term exposure to these fumes and gases can cause irritation of the skin or eyes or problems…show more content…
There are different kinds of radiation such as ionizing radiation, like x-ray’s, and non-ionizing radiation, like ultraviolet rays. Welding lets off ultraviolet rays that can damage a welder’s eyes and burn his skin. To avoid the effects of radiation when welding, a welder should wear a suede jacket that protects his skin and wear a welding shield with a lens to protect his eye from the ultraviolet rays. Electrical hazards are another major concern in welding. The hazards of electrical injury are very severe and can be caused by cutting or welding. An electrical injury can be caused by touching live electrical parts, wearing wet clothing and not having proper repair work performed by qualified people. To avoid these injuries from electrical hazards, a welder should take the proper precautions such as reading all labels and instructions and inspecting equipment before proceeding to weld. Confined spaces are spaces with only one way in and one way out, such as pits, storage tanks, utility vaults, boilers and compartments on ships. Confined spaces are hazardous because if the entrance gets blocked or sealed there is no other fast safe way out and confined spaces have poor ventilation. To avoid being injured inside a confined space constantly ventilate and monitor that fumes are at safe exposure levels. Also keep unnecessary equipment out the way for more space. Always have a watch person who is properly trained for confined space
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