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Westerbork The Westerbork camp was located in the northeastern part of the Netherlands. Westerbork camp was built in 1939. In 1942, it became the transit camp for Jews. The camp was situated 15 km from the village of Westerbork. On July 1st 1942, the German Authorities got control of the camp. Then the Westerbork camp officially became a transit camp. The Westerbork camp was strange. The camp had a school, hair-dresser, famous Dutch artists and even restaurants. If prisoners had money they were able to buy goods. Prisoners thought that maybe their life's would be the same as usual. Surprisingly, the Nazi's left some hope for the people to survive. The Dutch government established a camp at Westerbork in October 1939 to intern Jewish refugees who entered the…show more content…
I learned about the Holocaust, Anne Frank and Tolerance exhibits. My favorite part was when I got a card for a boy or girl to learn about their lives during the war. I got a boy named Peter Zucker. He was born on August 29, 1936 in Szolnok, Hungary. His father was from a Jewish family, and his mother belonged to the Neolog (Hungarian liberal Judaism) movement of Judaism. Peter's parents worked as salespeople. He was an only child so he developed by his grandfather, Jacob Zucker. In Peter's childhood, he was denied permission to go to school at the appropriate age. He was sent to the Szolnok ghetto and was transferred to the transit ghetto in an abandoned brick factory weeks later. He worked at construction sites and barracks with other children. For a short time, Peter was the assistant to the camp Doctor, who was a prisoner too. In April 1945, Peter was transferred to the Strasshof concentration camp. Peter's current name was Peter Cukor. Luckily, he was liberated on April 23, 1945 by the Soviet Armed
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