Essay On Westernization In Malaysia

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Malaysia is actually being westernized, Many individuals, Malaysian particularly are presently guaranteeing that Malaysia have made a great step for being westernized. The changes of youth attitudes and behavior has been greatly becoming more different than before Malaysia is being westernized. Malaysian citizens wants the American dream, they do own a good work life balance and good education for the children.

Westernization process young people react to rather than actively negotiate, it means that teenager in Malaysia is getting used and wanted to westernized, they started to react strangely like what common western teenagers do and how they usually think of, not as what usually teenagers do like getting influenced by their own culture.
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Malaysia is also trying to do the same things which they call Malaysia dream is actually similar to American dream, which does have a same affect for their good lifestyle, but there are some differentiation between America and Malaysia. America is a perfect country for most individuals because it is the most powerful country, as it has the best education system, largest military and biggest impact of economy in the world. America does influence most largest country in the world history from mostly all sector of their programs, they are well known for their beautiful lifestyle and they do have good reputation of their entertainment which pursued the viewer from all around the world to follow how they do, lifestyle, food and etc. Malaysia is one of the most technologically advanced nations in Southeast Asia, it does have a rich diversity of most identifiable differences cultural backgrounds and lifestyle from neighbour country. Malaysia does offer most foreigner to stay there because it will eventually help the country and tourism spot to go internationally, so that their tourism spot will eventually be famous among the world. They do offer lots of things which is not so expensive and can be

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