Advantages Of Wet Cupping

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The Wet Cupping procedure

In this minor surgical procedure, cups – typically made of metal, glass or plastic, though some cultures still use bamboo cups or even clay pots – are used to suck “bad” blood out of the patient’s body.
Certain “Hijama points” on the body become the focus of such treatment, though many practitioners now practice wet cupping wherever the patient feels pain. As we will explain later in the subject on trigger points, Hijama is not always done at the source of the pain, because it could be triggered by other places as well.
Heat or sucking is introduced to the “cup”, thereby creating a vacuum seal to help encourage the blood to accumulate at the point of focus. Once the blood has accumulated at the skin’s surface, tiny
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The CPC method predominates in the Arabic world, while the PC method has a more worldwide distribution. The detailed evidence-based analysis of both methods reveal many novel advantages in the CPC method over the PC method.
For instance, the CPC method has a better analgesic effect and benefits more from the viscoelastic nature of the skin. During the first cupping step in the CPC method (not present in the PC method), a fluid mixture containing causative pathological substances (CPS) is collected inside skin uplifting due to the effect of negative pressure of the sucking cups.
CPS differs from disease to disease according to disease etiology and pathogenesis. That fluid mixture contains collected interstitial fluids with CPS, filtered fluids (from blood capillaries) with CPS, and hemolyzed blood cells (hemolysed RBCs, WBCs and platelets).
That fluid mixture does not contain intact blood cells as their sizes are much bigger than the sizes of pores of skin capillaries and cannot be filtered. The fluid mixture is totally excreted in the next steps. (Source: Methods of Wet Cupping Therapy (Al-Hijamah): In Light of Modern Medicine and Prophetic Medicine El Sayed SM1 *, Mahmoud HS2 and Nabo

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